About the Author

Jane Morgan Barry has never been afraid of a fight. When the popular head cheerleader graduated from high school, she was swept up in the feminist movement of the 1970’s. Unfortunately, a rare and coveted PhD in English Literature didn’t change the fact there were few serious jobs for women in her field. Jane decided to make her own success, starting a thriving business in real estate brokerage. As the all-American sweetheart graduated into a disruptor and advocate, legal battles and small-town politics ensued. Jane’s debut work AGAINST MY FATHER’S WILL is a candid memoir about her fight for women’s rights, and the backlash of judgment and ostracism that resulted both in public and at home. It captures the greater journey of Jane’s search for liberation, both internal and external, and the realization that true freedom can only be found within. Jane now lives on Boston’s North Shore with David, her husband of fifty-one years and fellow feminist, and their Sealyham terrier named Badger Boy.

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